“Be Willing to Surrender Who You Are For Who You Can Become.”

– Unknown

POWERStylings is a New York-based luxury fashion styling company. POWERStylings is dedicated to providing the best possible service and value to our clients. We’re looking to change the world and the face of style through our fashion consulting business, one well-dressed executive at a time.

POWERStylings stands for the Pursuit of Wealth, Elegance and Refinement. Life is about striving for greatness, happiness, and the thrill of that chase. Be compelled, motivated, and inspired…by yourself. Feel the tug of pride in the pit of your stomach as you walk out of your home everyday. POWERStylings can be your fashion ambassador and then be prepared to speak volumes without saying a word. Gear up for life. Our stylists are standing by to help with your transformation. Thank you for visiting us!