Opposites Attract

Beyonce Knowles…also currently known as the infamous Mrs. Carter. She is one part of America’s Power Couple today by being married to Jay Z. They had an earned income of $95M in 2012 (according to Forbes.com). What I’d like to point out is that not only are they complimentary to each other’s wealth, but her influence has everything to do with his current style. Let’s just say Jay Z has more than just his stylist to thank for his transformation throughout his hip-hop reign. See some examples below:

As Beyonce clearly points out in her song: “Partner, partner let me, let me UPGRADE you…Audemars Piguet watch, Dimples in ya necktie, Hermes briefcase, Cartier top clips, Silk lined blazers, Diamond creamed facials, VVS cuff links, 6 star pent suites…”

Proof is in the pudding.